Fashion and celebrities Collection

Glamourous footage for your documentaries or fiction movies

Come discover our new Fashion and People archive. The Fashion collection offers an immersive look into the runways of the 90s and 2000s, capturing the essence of haute couture from every angle, including exclusive access to backstage and audience reactions. Meanwhile, the People collection provides a glamorous glimpse into red carpet events, featuring iconic celebrities and unforgettable moments from prestigious ceremonies like Cannes and the Golden Globes. Each collection is meticulously curated to serve filmmakers, documentarians, and educators looking to enrich their projects with authentic and historically significant content.


Fashion Collection

Luxury and eccentricity, our most precious collection

Explore our exclusive collection of fashion shows on our database , an invaluable resource for directors and documentarians passionate about the world of haute couture. Dive into the heart of the 90s and 2000s with comprehensive videos of fashion shows from the era's greatest designers. Each runway is captured from every angle, offering not only a broad view of the spectacular designs but also rare and precious moments backstage. Witness the meticulous work of stylists and the buzz behind the scenes, while observing the reactions of an audience comprised of fashion icons and celebrities. Our collection provides a unique perspective on the evolution of fashion, essential for any documentary or educational project aiming to explore this golden era of creativity.

Celebrities Collection

Footage for promotions or flaming


The Collection of celebrities at Atelierdesarchives is a treasure trove for all directors and documentarians looking to capture the essence of the most glamorous societal events of the 90s and 2000s. Explore hours of exclusive content filmed on the red carpets of the most prestigious festivals like Cannes and the Golden Globes. These archives are filled with footage featuring the era's most iconic celebrities, offering unpublished moments and captivating interactions. Whether it's for a documentary, a retrospective, or a cultural analysis, our archives provide first-hand materials on the pop culture and celebrity milieu of these decades. Take advantage of this window into the splendors and echoes of a bygone era, now accessible to enrich your productions with authenticity and historical accuracy.