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Ordering audiovisual archives from Atelier des Archives is extremely simple. Whether it's for a documentary on the Normandy landings, a report on fashion shows from the greatest designers, or images of the Cold War, you can find all the historical images you need in just a few clicks on our database.

Registration on our database is free, and you can also download screeners for free to help with your editing. Easily find your archive selections to work on multiple documentaries at once. Once you have made your final selection, send us an email at atelierdesarchives[@]gmail.com with details of the selected rights and collections used. We will then prepare excerpts and quotes in a very short processing time.

More than 100 Years of Archives

Diverse Collections: An Inexhaustible Source for Directors and Documentarians

Welcome to the fascinating world of our 20th-century audiovisual archives, now fully digitized and accessible via our database base.atelierdesarchives.com. We understand your needs as directors and documentarians searching for authentic, high-quality images. Let us guide you through our diverse collections, all ready to enrich your projects.

Amateur Films: Capture the Essence of Everyday Life

To start, discover our amateur films. These hidden treasures reveal the essence of everyday life from the past. Their raw authenticity is perfect for adding a human and sincere dimension to your documentaries or film productions. Great Reporters: Capturing Historical Moments

Dive into the world of great reporters. Their work, capturing history in the making, is crucial for depicting eras and events accurately. These images are powerful, emotional, and captivating, ideal for any historical or journalistic project.

Fashion Shows of the 90s: A Stylish Source of Inspiration

Relive the fashion shows of the 90s. These archives are a treasure for documentaries about fashion, pop culture, or even the social trends of the era. The images of these iconic events will bring a touch of glamour and authenticity to your creations.

Travel Films: Explore the World of the Past

Our travel films transport you through time and space. These documents are perfect for productions exploring different cultures, places, and eras. They offer a unique and often unseen perspective on the world.

The D-Day Landings in Color: A Rare Perspective on World War II

Our collection of color images of the D-Day landings and Liberation is invaluable for any project dealing with World War II. These archives provide a realistic and immersive dimension to this crucial period in history.

The Cold War: A Comprehensive Overview of a Decisive Era

The Cold War archives we offer are exhaustive and cover multiple aspects of this global conflict. They are essential for anyone wishing to approach this subject from all angles, whether for a documentary or a historical film.

Major Events of the 20th Century: A Catalog of Living History

Finally, we offer complete access to images of major events of the 20th century. These documents, essential for understanding our past, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for content creators.

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We invite you to explore our digitized database. Whether you're seeking inspiration or specific material, our diverse collections are here to meet your creative and documentary needs. Enter the world of Atelier des Archives and discover images that will bring your ideas to life.

At Atelier des Archives, every image is a story, and we are thrilled to be able to contribute to yours.